Supporting Latinos’ economic well-being through higher education


Many Latino students adjust their attendance patterns to fit into a financial aid system not built for them. Now, the pandemic has resulted in decreased incomes, making it harder to pay for college. Policymakers must revisit federal financial aid distribution, increasing federal aid to students, and simplifying the financial aid system could all benefit Latino students.

Institutional capacity

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) enroll the overwhelming majority of Latino students, yet are low-resourced and face further budget cuts in the midst of an economic recession. Equitably distributing funding to HSIs, refocusing and refining Title V grant activities, and improving information would improve these institutions’ capacity to serve Latino students.

Retention and transfer

Latinos are not supported through the postsecondary pathways because they do not follow a traditional pathway — entering postsecondary education right after high school and graduating in four years from the institution where they first enrolled. Given the disproportionate vulnerability of Latinos because of the pandemic, these pathways are being further disrupted. By improving student data availability, providing financial incentives to retain Latino students and support transfer efforts, and ensuring access to reliable internet, policymakers can address college pathways to ensure Latino student degree completion.

Workforce preparation

The pandemic has shown that Latinos are overrepresented in the workforce but in jobs that are vulnerable and lower in pay. Policymakers can support social mobility for Latino students and their successful transition to the workforce by leveraging existing federal programs to support experiential learning, making workforce development an allowable grant for Title V activities, and incentivizing engagement between employers and HSIs.



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